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Weekend Eating

The weekend came and went and so did my eating and drinking lol.

OK so I was not bad as usual. I have been looking at it like this. If I can eat really clean during the week and do my Insanity Workouts then slipping a bit on the weekend is OK. The one thing I am learning about my eating habits is MODERATION!!!

So here is how the weekend went and how it could have went.

Friday Night – Well Friday night is always Pizza night. So usually its 4 slices and 2 beers, then ice cream at this great local place.  This time I ordered some Fish and Broccoli and had one slice of pizza and one beer. We did get ice cream, but instead of my Large or Medium I got a small.

Saturday – Typically its the snacking during the day around the house that gets me. Lots of useless carb snacking. I make sure I have good snacks around. Nuts, raisins, bananas , apples etc… I usually eat some tuna fish and avocado for lunch.  Usually we go out on sat night for dinner or have people over. We had people over this time. I had about 3 beers which I guess is average for me, but no ice cream that night lol. As for dinner where I would normally order some greasy fatty meal, I ordered a nice grill chick sandwich so that was a good compromise.

Sunday – Usually my breakfasts is always a nice healthy one and we usually do lunch out on Sunday and that is where I normally get some taylor ham sandwich with fries or something similar. This time I did a buffalo chicken wrap, but with a side a veggies. Sure not the greatest choice, but at least I did not go nuts with tons of fries. For dinner we typically do burgers so we did and I fried up some veggies on the grill as well. I normally eat two burgers which I did, but this time I only had one bun so that helps a bit.

So there you have it. Not super duper healthy eating, but decent eating with compromise. I would venture to guess if I had eating what I normally would have, there could have been an extra 1000 calories in there easily. Now that adds up!

Ok off to do my Pure Cardio workout!


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