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running stairs

The Stairs I Ran On!

My last run was on Sunday “2.39 miles” and was the most I have ran in years. I was sore!! My goal was to get a run in today “Wednesday”, but of course things come up and with a meeting after work and then getting home that just wasn’t gonna happen. I am not a big fan of working out late at night for the simple fact that I get all ramped up and can never get to sleep. So I end up getting a workout in, but a lousy night of sleep! Anyways I decided to use what I got! The stairs in the stair well! Ugh! Hurt me!! lol

So I decided today I would do a mile of running up and down the stairs. Wow! It was tough. Here is how it all played out!

  • 9 Minute Insanity Warm Up from Core Cardio and Power  “It uses more squat moves to loosen up my quads”
  • Head to the stair well to bust out 1 mile. I decided to do 1/4 mile runs then burpees then 1-2 min rest
  • First 1/4 Mile then 10 burpees “1 min rest”
  • Second 1/4 Mile then 10 burpees “1 min rest”
  • Third 1/4 Mile then 5 burpess “I was hurting!” “1-2 min rest”
  • Fourth 1/4 Mile “This was tough!” I was hurting so when I reached the top and bottom of the stairs I walked in the landing area touched the wall and back to running” 5 Burpees “DONE!!” Stretch

Pedometer Reading

  • 3,817 Steps – That is almost 2 miles of moving, including the Insanity Warmup and Burpees

As I ran the stairs I tried to switch it up. Most of the times I would skip a step as I ran up , but I would do each step every few times. On the way down I would go down a few different ways. Feet to the left, to the right and straight. It was good to mix it up and I could tell I was using different muscles with each of the run.

I have to say I don’t think I have been breathing this hard or feeling this beat up during any of my training so far so I am thinking this was a pretty good workout. I really want to try and get 3 miles in before the week is over. We shall see.


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