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Sit Ups, Push Ups, Pull Ups, Oh My…

Do you know who Herschel Walker is? In short he is a Heisman trophy winner and former NFL player. I recently read an article in Muscle & Fitness about him and wow what a crazy life. He was basically a fat teen with a speech impediment. He created alto ego’s and later in life would come to find out he has multiple personality disorder.

His dark ego was what got him into shape and you will here different numbers from all around, but Herschel would perform up to 5,000 Pushups and Sit ups a day as a kid. I just watched him say that here “about halfway into the interview” . I have also seen less. The fact is the guy never even touched weights and when he got into college the coaches were on him about his working out routine until he benched more then everyone and was faster to lol. Oh and did I mention he is now 48, the best shape of his life and training for Mixed Martial Arts!

Anyways enough about Herschel, my point was that by just using what you have around you to do pullups, sit ups, and push ups you can get in great shape! Sure it sucks at first, but even starting off doing a few of each will get you going.

With my Spartan Race coming up I know I need to get stronger and get some resistance training in. My goal was to start doing pull ups, but where could I do them. I wanted to build a pull up bar in my garage, but the garage is full and I have to find the time to go get the materials etc…  So until that time comes I bought one of those doorway pull up bars.

I ran into Walmart on the way home. They had two there,  the perfect fitness brand and the Golds gym brand. The Perfect Fitness one just looked better and felt more solid and it was only lik3 $30 You can see it here at Walmart

Anyways I got it home and put it together. Of course as I am reading the box it says for up to 220lb and I am like 225, but it is all good it works. Just cant do kip ups lol or really swing on that bad boy. In all honesty I am lucky if I can get 3 pull ups, but that is OK my goal is to just bust out a few through out the day as I walk by it. So last night after my 2 mile run I did about 8 before I went to bed.  Let me rephrase that… I did 8 total, but over 4 little sets lol.

The other great thing is my “almost 3 year old” sees me doing it and now he wants to get up there. He grabs on and I lift him up by his hiny for a 10 count and he loves it. Eventually he will do them on his own and I think growing up and getting into a regimen like that will do wonders for his health.

I am also going to plan on trying to do a fixed regimen and get push ups and sit ups involved to. Even if you cannot do 20 push ups or even 10 you can just break them up. I remember reading an even older Muscle & Fitness mag when I was a kid and Arnold Schwarzenegger was talking about doing pull ups. He  was saying set goals. Say you want to do 25 pull ups. Start and do as many as you can even if it is 1 or 2. Take a  break and start again. It might take you 20 minutes to do 25 pull ups, but if you are determined and stick with it you will get there.

So if you cannot do many pull ups, push ups, or sit ups then break the workout up in to segments and get at it. That is what I am going to do.

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