Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy In New Jersey

Side Effects & Benefits

Many people seek treatment for hormonal imbalances, particularly women who are in their menopausal stage. During menopause, the ovaries stop producing fertilized egg cells, which is why women tend to have lesser manifestations of menstrual periods. Eventually, their menstrual periods would stop, which also impacts their hormonal levels.

Women who experience hormonal decline are often irritable because their bodies go through changes. They may suffer from increased skin lesions or acne, itching, sporadic headaches and insomnia. There are many things that women experience during this stage, thus, it can be expected that they feel sick most of the time. For that, many are seeking treatments to help them surpass this stage less painfully.

Some health experts recommend getting Bioidentical Hormones to help their bodies adjust to these changes. There are people who are concerned about Bioidentical Hormone Therapy side effects, because there are instances when patients who are going through such treatment experience headaches, mood swings and other similar symptoms that people with imbalanced hormones go through. Though this might be the scenario for patients who are receiving BHT, it is best to keep in mind that these side effects are temporary. Once the body has adjusted to the hormone replacements, patients can expect to feel better.

There are people who are unsure why they need or why they would want to get Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. There are actually many reasons, but the best one is that BHT is custom-made for each patient. This is done by testing the patient’s saliva or blood, to see the hormonal imbalances. Professionals will then derive hormones from plant chemicals that are similar to the hormones needed. They are then processed to ensure that they are identical and given to patients.

Apart from decreasing the exasperating effects of menopause, experts say that women who have gone through BHT or BHRT can expect decrease rates of having breast cancer and heart diseases. A study conducted on women aged 50 to 59 show that those who have gone through Bioidentical Hormone Therapy are able to work out and have better lifestyles than those who haven’t had any.

When it comes to sexual health, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy can also help women in many ways. Women who have hormonal imbalances tend to have difficulties having orgasms. Because of this, having contact with someone can be painful as the walls become drier and thinner. With the help of BHRT, women can have enough levels of estrogen, which aids the production of collagen that makes the skin and vaginal wall more elastic. These are just some of the benefits and side effects of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. To know more about it, it is vital to consult a doctor to get an effective treatment plan.

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