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Pedometer Numbers in the Insanity Workout

Well if you read my posts last week you will see I wore my pedometer during Pure Cardio to see how many miles/steps there are. It was pretty interesting so I figured I would start wearing it during the rest of the exercises and post the info here. So here goes it.

So from what I have researched 2000 steps is basically a mile.

Here are the workouts and the steps my pedometer has calculated so far.

  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit – 3420 Steps or just about 1.75 miles.
  • Pure Cardio – 3,487 Steps or just about 1.75 miles.
  • Cardio Power & Resistance – 2,590 Steps or just about 1.25 miles ” I knew there would be less in this workout”

So as you can see it seems they are both about the same. I have been pushing pretty hard, but taking some 5-10 second breaks here in there which prob account for a minute or two. If you really go hard you could obviously get more.

I am doing this to just have a little fun with the workouts and see how many steps are actually taken on average during the Insanity Workout. Stayed tuned for more and I go through the workouts.

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