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Max 30 Insanity Workout With Shaun T

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The insanity workout made you dig a little deeper and go a little longer, with the new insanity max 30 workout, you will need to push a little harder to your MAX, you yourself may be the only one standing between you and the fit body that you want. Its not just about completing the workout, its more about how far you can go before you max out! The insanity max 30 may give you the hardest thirty minutes of your life with even greater success expected like the insanity workout program by Shaun T which gave a year’s worth of results in just 60 days. Since I am also a competitive person by nature, I opened myself to the challenge since it is a maximum intensity workout program that will push you to your physical limits and will test your mental toughness. It’s great for cardiovascular fitness and achieving a lean body, and is also very useful for people who are already at least fairly fit. The workouts are very challenging and require a great amount of dedication and willpower to complete.

What is different with the insanity max 30 workout?

  • Designed by the company Beachbody, this is an even more difficult cardiovascular DVD workout than the insanity and T25 workouts. Though the system is pretty much similar like the concept of the ‘Max Interval Training’ and is separated by thirty seconds periods of rest while having you work very hard for as much as you can take. During these breaks, you will move from one exercise to the other with very little or no rest in between. You will need a lot of motivation and Shaun T will make sure of providing you just that through the DVD workouts.
  • Beat yourself to your last limits and give your very best especially with workout that gets you on the weekend, that is, the Friday workout which is the hardest of them all.
  • The new insanity max 30 workout is a 30 days complete workout the pattern of which is in two phases. As mentioned above about the intervals, you have to exercise for a good twenty seconds and then you get ten seconds off, so these are basically your little sweat break offs which you definitely need for a little recuperation. Also, since this is a DVD, it comes with a pause option, its not like you have to be worried about being embarrassed in front of your trainer and you can take the workout at your own pace till you get used to the rigorousness.

insanity-max30Is any equipment required for the new insanity max 30 workout?

  • There is absolutely nothing else needed from you apart from your own body weight and your dedication to following a fitness regime which depends on the time and focus you make available, because in this case you will not have the realization you get going to the gym where you fear a month’s subscription going to waste if you are not going regularly. Just bring your mind and body to you DVD player and screen and get going.

What are the new insanity max 30 workouts going to be like?

  • Something you can really look forward to if you are an insanity workout enthusiast is that Shaun T will be coming out with even more features to the insanity max 30 workout program in the second month. Already, the new workout offers more than 150 new techniques and moves so you utilize many different methods going along side in just 30 minutes back and forth making you give all the energy you have to offer. The first 30 days may prove very hard for you but you can always manage your pace with the program at your discretion. After a warm up, you take a short break and then move to the three exercises of thirty seconds each. There are three rounds of each exercise for four and half minutes of which there will be thirty second of breaks followed by which you will have to complete the total of five rounds. You also get quite a few minutes for stretching your muscles. The workouts can easily be performed at home to the instruction of the creator, Shaun T.

What cost will I have to buy?

Essentially, the only cost you have to bear is that of purchasing the DVD at $119.95, without having to buy any gear or machinery or equipment just a whole lot of willpower, determination and belief in yourself. The program takes a huge amount of self-discipline and dedication. As with any home-based exercise routine, there are various distractions that often occur and can easily interfere with the workout program.

The program is not intended for people seeking to increase muscle size and gain a lot of strength. There are no weights involved with the Insanity program. There are only a small amount of resistance-based moves that use your body weight, such as variations of push-ups and squats.

  • The $119.95 rounded off to $120 price may be a bit high for some people, though Beachbody may give the option of splitting the payments or giving options of other installments. Beach Body also usually offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, but you’ll still have to pay shipping costs if you end up returning the workout program.

Shaun T’s workouts have already been available for me, should I still go for the insanity max 30?

Of course, there is no reason why you shouldn’t especially if you are a fitness enthusiast. The new insanity max 30 workout is coming after 5 years of the Insanity workout and surely has a lot to offer with its new moves and techniques. Shaun T has put in a lot in this, which you will be glad indeed to have experienced. You will definitely see great results if you are self-motivated enough to complete the entire program.

When is the new insanity max 30 workout going to be released?

  1. In the U.S, the workout will be released in December 2014 so its really just almost here for you folks. On the other hand, Canada and the United Kingdom will have to be a little patient since official release dates have not been announced yet, just be on the lookout.

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