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How Many Miles in Pure Cardio Insanity

pure cardio distanceThat is a great question. At a recent conference I was given one of those pedometers that counts your steps. It is fun seeing how many steps you take to go from here to there or how many miles you walk in a day. Today I was about to get going with Pure Cardio and said to myself why don’t I use the pedometer.

Since I am training for the Super Spartan my biggest concern is the running. Of course there is no substitute for real running, but I figured lets see how many steps/miles are taken during Pure Cardio.

If you don’t know what Pure Cardio is then here is the short story. It is a workout with no breaks. You do the 9 minute ish warm up then you go right into the each exercise that lasts a minute and do for 16 minutes. Most other exercises go in circuits of 3 minutes then a 30 second break.


So… what does a step equal?

From my research I have found that 2000 steps equals a mile.

Pure Cardio Breakdown

Warm up1507 Steps!! That is almost 1 mile in the warm up alone. Not bad. I figure that would be the most since you are pretty much going non stop for 9 minutes. I did not take any breaks as well and that last warmup circuit I was really warmed up and pushed hard so I assume if you went in hard you could prob eek out a mile.

Workout in total – 3,487 steps!! So almost a total of 2 miles in the Pure Cardio workout. So 1 mile and3/4. Not bad….

So there you have it.  I also prob took about 90 seconds of breaks during the main part of the workout as well so I think if you went into Pure Cardio balls to the wall you could easily hit the 2 mile mark.

On a side note today I felt great! I was able to really push myself and not feel so gassed where I want to just stop. Sure I took some breaks, but I was able to get right back in.

I hope to actually get a 2 -3 mile run in tomorrow. We are having a big party this Saturday for our new house, so I am going to be drinking and eating it up, but after this I will go pretty clean until the race! If you are around and you know where I live stop on by

Oh I am going to wear my pedometer for the other workouts and make a chart so stay tuned.

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