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How Important is Rest?

OMG it is so important! I only bring this topic up because my workouts were catching up with me. My days have been nuts with my 2 1/2 year old and the new baby.

It pretty much goes like this, wake up feed kids, get ready for work… go to work… bust out an Insanity workout at lunch, get home feed kids, play with kids, clean kids, get 2 1/2 year old ready for bed then spend some time with wife and baby, and maybe even some TV. Before you know it, it is 11PM. Yikes where did the time go. I could tell this was catching up with me. In general having 2 kids under 3 is tiring, but throw in some Insanity workouts and well you know how it goes.

The past few days I really made sure I was in bed before 10. What a difference that extra hour makes. It really does.

I just wanted to make a point with this post. If you are working out and not feeling refreshed or more energetic then take a look at your sleep patterns. If you are only getting 4-6 hours of sleep a night then it is not enough. Try and see if you can get at least 8 hours a night for a few nights and then tell me how you feel. We always forgot about how important sleep is, but we have to remember that is how our body heals and when we are doing Insanity we are really ripping our body up to get into great shape.

Get some sleep would ya!!

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