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Going into the weekend sore!

Oh man what a great week! Well it started off slow. Coming off a cold from the weekend I was not able to get my Monday morning Insanity workout in or my Wednesday Insanity workout in.

However I was able to get my Crossfit workouts in on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. They were killer this week. Thursday we did Strict Presses then 100 OverHead Lunges! Ugh… I used 35lb plate overhead. It was 100 each leg as well So I wake up this morning and wow are my legs sore.

So with sore legs and all I headed to my morning Crossfit workout. We did Turkish Get Ups again this time 5 sets for 1 rep. I upgraded to the 45lb barbell which was pretty cool! Then…..

This is where it went bad!

18 Minutes As Many Reps as Possible

15 box Jumps
12 Push Press – “Used 95lbs
9 Toe To Bar – “I did knee to elbows”

My legs were crying to me… why why lol. It was all good. So I got 3 solid workouts in this week, but the biggest thing lately has been being strict with my diet. I have been eating very very well and myself as well as others are starting to see it.

This is one of those turning points where the actually “fat” really starts to come off. I can truly say that the normal “cheat weekends” are killer. I have really been able to stay clean over the weekends and after a good month I am seeing great results.

Have a great weekend!

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