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Don’t Skip Out on Recovery Day

recoveryYeah that’s right I almost skipped out on Core Cardio Recovery day. I almost skipped and went right to Pure Cardio. There really is a reason they have you do the recovery day. Man I sometimes forget how tough the actual “recovery day” is! My legs felt more tired today then after any of the other workouts. It is those “PULSES” wow they are intense I have to stop half way through. This is what reminds me that you should be doing the recovery workouts to not only get your body stronger, but it helps stretch out those muscles real deep and get you back even stronger for the workouts.

Not much wisdom in todays post I just wanted to make it clear… “DON’T SKIP CORE CARDIO RECOVERY” Got it? Good now Dig Deep and get on with it….

On another note lol I may try to run a mile tonight, but the recovery workout really did leave my legs feeling like bricks so the smart thing to do might be to just chill and get a good nights sleep. Will keep ya posted!

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