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Did a 5k

Ok I know a 5k is not some huge deal, but I have not ran that far in almost 8 years, so my goal over the weekend was to run one! I did the same loop I did last week that was 2.39 miles long, but decided to take a turn down one street thinking I could get the extra mileage in needed for the 5k distance. I was wrong! On the last stretch of the run is a very long and very steep  hill all the way up to my house. I barely got up it and when I got to my driveway I was at 2.79 miles ugh!!! So I decided I would go in the backyard and do some laps! lol. I needed to do about 3 laps to get the 3.1 miles in and I did! It was a good goal and felt good to actually get it in!

split rock  reservoir bridge njThat was on Saturday so Sunday I was debating just running an easy mile, but there really are not any easy miles around my house since it is very hilly. I was really sore to and just wanted to work out the muscles a bit.  I decided to go on a bike ride with my 3 year old in his seat lol. Ugh!!!  I decided to ride up to Split Rock Reservoir which is only about 1.5 miles, but…. all up hill. With my son on the bike I have to stay seated or he flops around like crazy. I took a handful of breaks and walked. It was a good workout and the ride home going downhill was pretty sick! I hit 45mph on the bike. Prob should not have done that with my son on the back and won’t be doing it again. Here is a picture from the bridge of the reservoir. Pretty awesome. It is looking like a kayak is in our new future?

We are heading to Delaware this weekend for a little vacation so I really hope to keep up the training. Well not hope! I know I will and we are staying in an area where it is all flat so I am going to try and get 5 miles in We shall see.

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