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4 Weeks Out

and.. what happened! lol

As Britney would say “oops I did it again!”

Well I was going strong with Insanity and bamm I fell off the wagon. There were certain circumstances like getting our new house and getting it ready i.e. painting it, cleaning it out and all that other fun stuff that comes along with it. Also moving! Aghh I hate moving, I don’t think I will ever move again, but hey I am blessed to have bought a new home and all that great stuff

So today I jumped back into it and blasted out a Plyo Cardio Circuit. My oh my what 4 weeks does to me. Now again like I have said in the past, I have some real issues with consistency. I am either all about working out and eating right or I am doing noting and eating junk. This time I was eating somewhat ok for about 2 weeks and staying active with new house stuff, but the last 2 weeks I was basically finding excuses to eat ice cream or drive through Burger King for a caramel Frapped “they are so good!

Well Insanity surely kicked my behind today, but I do feel a lot better and hope to do at least 3 more workouts this week and eat cleaner.

I am in the process of clearing out one side of my 2 car garage and making that my gym area. I think it will come out really nice, I think I can even get a rope in there to do some rope climbs. Insanity has been great, but I am really missing my Crossfit style workouts and throwing the weights around. Hopefully I can get that all going before the summer is out and even start on my P90x to. For now I hope I can just bust out a few good sweats!

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