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10 Days and UGH!

Man it is amazing what 10 days can do to you. First off… We had our second son Westin on March 21. I am now a 33 year old father of 2! Wow that is nuts, but awesome of course. It is now settling in that it is going to be harder to find time to workout. I know things will settle down, but wow these kids are work lol. I had said I wanted to start P90X2 on April 1, but that just did not happen. My goal was to do a week of Insanity this week and start P90X2 next week. EHHH… WRONG! lol, my 2 year old had something to say about that when he had me up at 6AM and would not go back to sleep.

Anyways back to my 10 days. Wow so I fell off the bandwagon big time since Westin was born. I think I got one workout in which was not that great and I have just been eating crap! Not real crap, just junk foods I fall into this mode where it is either eat so good or just eat everything and anything in my sight. It is like I see snacks and I am like I must eat now! Let’s get ice cream… lets eat out… man what is happening. Anyone else out there like that?

It has only been 10 days, but I can def feel a bit of my man boobage creeping back in and I hate man boobage. Love woman boobage… hate man boobage

I think the trick for me is to find a balance. I am slowly realizing that going gung ho with either eating clean or bad is just not the way to go. Where is my happy place?

Anyways that is where I am at right now. Gonna try to bust out some Insanity tonight and see where that takes me.

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